Sunday Worship

Worship adds meaning to life

Like all churches, worship is central to the life of our congregation.  It is the fuel which fires Christian service.  It is the telescope which helps us to view the bigger picture of our place within God’s universe.  It is a means of connecting with God.  It helps us to understand his loving purpose for our lives.  Worship can happen when we are alone with God.  It can also happen when Christians gather together in prayer and praise.  Worship joyfully acknowledges the central place which God should occupy in our lives.  In worship we sing, we pray, we read God’s word, we reflect on what God says to us day by day.

Traditionally, Sunday has been the day for Christians to gather together, based around the idea of a Sabbath day of rest.  In our own church the main worship service normally happens at 11am.  It is a time when we can get our lives into perspective, away from the distractions which make us feel less than human.  Increasingly, Christians are finding new ways and new times to connect with God.  Once a month we hold a Messy Church afternoon, offering a different way of approaching worship for youngsters and their families. Whatever your needs, you are welcome to join us.  Why not find out more for yourself? – You are assured of a warm and friendly welcome.

If you cannot be physically present on a Sunday you are welcome to join us on Zoom.  Details of how to login by Zoom can be obtained by contacting the minister using this email address

Worship, friendship and fellowship is what our church is all about.

For more details about Messy Church, contact our Church Office, or visit our Facebook page here.

The heart of worship is sharing the Good News about Jesus’ victory over death. Here Rick Warren explains why we can have confidence in our belief about Jesus’ Resurrection.