Congregational Board office-bearers and Members

The Congregational Board consists of minister, elders, and a number of members elected by the congregation at its Stated Annual Meeting, or elected by the Board when the need arises.  The Minister is automatically a member of the Congregational Board and usually exercises the right to be its Chair.  Sometimes a member of the Board may fulfil that function if the Minister decides to relinquish this position.  When a congregation is in vacancy this role is assumed by the Interim Moderator unless the Interim Moderator relinquishes the position for a member of the Board to Chair meetings.  Key office-bearers within the Congregational Board are the Clerk, the Treasurer, the Fabric Convener and the Deed of Covenant Convener.

  • The Clerk is principally responsible for keeping accurate minutes of all meetings and helping to advise the Board where necessary.  The Clerk has duties pertaining to the contracts for employees of the church, for example, the church organist, the beadle and other employees of the congregation.
  • The Treasurer oversees the finances, regularly updates the Board with accounts and is responsible for making payments on behalf of the congregation.
  • The Fabric Convener is tasked with addressing all fabric matters relating to the church’s property, including annual testing of all electrical appliances, maintaining the congregation’s property register, ensuring that all safety equipment is regularly tested and up-to-date etc.  The fabric convener also leads the property committee in fabric projects before submitting them to the Board for approval.
  • The Deed of Covenant Convener is responsible for promoting good stewardship within the life of the congregation and assists the Treasurer in his duties.

Among its list of duties, the Congregational Board is responsible for stewardship matters within the church, keeping the church’s finances in good order, ensuring the proper maintenance of the church, its halls, grounds and Manse.  In short, the Congregational Board looks after many practical tasks to ensure the church functions well from day to day and year to year.